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Oxygen is Life.

Lack of Oxygen kills over a quarter of a million Nigerians each year. We are on a mission to reduce the deaths linked to limited oxygen availability by improving oxygen distribution to hospitals across Nigeria.

Lack of Oxygen means death

A report by the Federal Ministry of Health reveals that over 625,000 deaths are caused by diseases associated with hypoxaemia, also known as low blood oxygen saturation. Of these deaths, over 170,000 are of children under 5 who are casualties of pneumonia induced hypoxaemia.

These numbers are made worse by the limited oxygen availability in hospitals across Nigeria and contribute to Nigeria’s devastatingly high child mortality of 100 deaths per 1,000 live births -- the 6th highest in the world.

Oxygen delivery systems in Nigerian health facilities are severely hindered by the lack of access to equipment such as pulse oximeters, non-invasive hypoxaemia screening devices recommended by the WHO. When available, existing oxygen equipment is often of poor or unverified quality.

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We deliver on-demand emergency medical oxygen to hospitals

We believe that no Nigerian should die from a lack of oxygen, and we are working to make this belief a reality.

We are improving the distribution of oxygen across Nigeria starting with Lagos and Abuja.

We offer emergency on-demand deliveries of medical oxygen with pulse oximeter kits, and soon, will offer scheduled deliveries to replenish hospital stock.

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How it Works

Since 2016, LifeBank has been discovering and delivering blood to hospitals on time and in the right condition, saving the lives of thousands.

We are expanding our product suit to include oxygen and we currently offer:

We will soon offer:

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